Sudah empat minggu ini saya menjadi asisten dosen, menggantikan posisi Pak Ali Nurdin yang sedang pergi ke Jerman. Dengan kata lain, sekarang saya jadi pemegang kekuasaan para mahasiswa. Mereka adalah budakku! HAHAHA! Oiya, saya mengajar di dua kelas: Sosiologi 3A dan 3B. Jujur, seandainya ditanya, apakah saya mau jadi asisten dosen lagi, jawabannya jelas tidak.

Ribet abis. Fuck.

Udah mah bingung nyiapin materi, berdiri di depan banyak mahasiswa, wibawa juga harus dijaga. Belum lagi ada tuntutan untuk membuat para budak (mahasiswa) fokus pada materi yang saya ajar. That's not my style!

Di tiap pertemuan, saya menyusun biografi (pemaparan aib) salah satu mahasiswa yang ada di kelas. Sejauh ini sudah tiga orang yang saya bahas. Diantara ketiga orang itu, dua diantaranya adalah teman saya, Maulana dan Afandi, dan satu bidadari tanpa batas. Yang tak lain tak bukan adalah Ade Sifa, mahasiswi semester 5 Sosiologi.

Kayaknya sayang juga kalo biografi ini tidak saya publikasikan. So here we are!

Ade Sifa

Sociology, the study of the relationship between people living in groups, that the one interacts with each other. The course provides us with understanding, studying, and researching society. Those facts are the some reasons why she chooses Sociology as her major. She Wants to learn and identify the society in some depth.

With her brilliant smile, the face of an angel, and her soft voice, which can make everyone jittery and give a heart attack, Ade Sifa, easily the most beautiful creation that God ever put in the whole world, is an active, attractive, and pleasant person. Born in Purwakarta on March 28, 1992. After the angel finished her high school at Wanayasa High School, she migrated to Bandung and became a student there. She majored in Sociology at Bandung Islamic State University (UIN SGD Bandung).

As mentioned before, the main reasons Ade Sifa majores in sociology, because she sinks to know the society more closely. Unlike the other sociologists of UIN SGD Bandung, who tend not to give a shit about the environment and social circumstance around. Ade Sifa, who has a sense of awareness and a high sense of love to societies, acts more, talks less. And unlike those who can only theorize in class, but hide when needed to help the poor, Ade Sifa doesn’t even mind to take to the streets to raise the funds, fundraising for the less fortunate.

It can be seen when she and the others held a social work last week. Only a few participated, it hurt her and this made her worry and peeved. "In my opinion, we are practically barren. We are lack of concern about social conditions around." It’s a pity. We are part of society, we are supposed to be able to develop a sense of concern for the less fortunate.

Besides social work, the lady has many hobbies. Listening music and looking for new things for example. And when asked about her goal, she desires to have a NGO (LSM) of her own. What an ambition! The most influential person in her life is her parents, especially the father.

Ade Sifa is pretty smart in class. But she tends to keep her mindset back cause somehow she can’t explicate her own idea. She can only express her opinion to her best pal, Ajeng instead. She is fairly active in student organizations. Besides being a member of HMJ, she’s also member of PMII and Regional Organizations of Purwakarta.

A very inspiring lady. Not only her doing that should be emulated, but also her outlook on life is just really really inspiring "To never give up before you try”.

Yeah many people say “Life is a mystery. It’s like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’ll get” Nonetheless, if we do not try, we will regret it because the more we try, the more we get.

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